Vote by Mail

    • No crowds. Stay safe!

    • Convenience: no lines, no parking, no waiting. 

    • Stats say you’re 20% more likely to vote. If more Democrats did this, we could change the next election!

    • Receive ballot weeks ahead of the election gives you time to research in the privacy of your home

    • The sooner you submit your ballot, the sooner the political calls and mailers tend to stop 

    • You know it was received as you can verify receipt of your ballot on the Supervisor of Elections website or by calling

    • Your vote is counted first 

    • No stamp is needed as return postage is paid by the Supervision of Elections

    • No concerns about finding your correct precinct on election day

    • Use vote by mail as an insurance policy in case you cannot make it to the polls

    • You can still vote in person if you change your mind (though they may have to verify you didn’t send in your ballot first).

    • You can optionally hand deliver your ballot to any early voting location or the Supervisor of Elections office

    • You can always take your ballot to your polling location on election day and get a new ballot to cast there if desired


  • My vote won’t count
  • The post office can’t be trusted
  • There is a high rejection rate
  • Low rejection for mismatched & missing signatures
  • Less than 1% failure rate (includes voters of all parties)
  • For every person who tried and failed to vote by mail, 43 extra people voted on average. That’s a 43:1 ratio vote by mail increases voter turnout. 
  • You can always verify receipt of your ballot via a call to the Supervisor of Elections or by checking their website

Simply submit a Mail Ballot Request online. For more options or for common questions, see the Osceola County Supervisor of Elections website. 

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