5 Reasons to Join the Osceola Democrats Family

1. You’re tired of the insanity

The news is depressing. The dignity of America has been lost. Truth and honesty no longer seems to matter and rampant narcissism rules the White House. 

The good news is we have an opportunity to make a massive change for the better that will improve our own lives and the lives of millions of Americans. Just a handful of extra votes from each precinct (i.e., neighborhood) can swing an entire election, but it won’t happen by accident. It starts here in your hometown and in Osceola County. It starts with you.

 2. You want to make new friends

 We’ve all been there, screaming at our TV and wondering what’s wrong with people today. Our Divider in Chief has done more to split families and ruin friendships than any other. But there’s still caring, kind-hearted souls out there who fiercely disagree with how the country (and our State and local government) is being run. You’re not alone!

Your Osceola Democrat family wants to meet you. So keep informed and volunteer

3. You want to a make a difference

You want to matter and do something meaningful, but a single vote doesn’t feel like enough. Sadly, it may not be! 

We can’t make the same mistake we did in 2016 and assume the 2020 election will go in our favor. Let’s make a difference. Let’s make America kind, honest, inclusive, and sane again.

4. You want to run

No, not run to Canada after the latest embarrassing tweet or tirade. No, we’re talking about those inspired folks who are thinking of launching a campaign for political office. If that’s you, the best place to start is right here, your local DEC. 

5. You’re looking for a rewarding activity

There’s an important job for everyone here whether you’re naturally outgoing or the most introverted homebody. So pick what appeals to you: phone calls, send personalized texts or emails, contact your neighbors, make signs, work social media, write postcards, and more. 

And don’t worry. Activism doesn’t have to be confrontational. With our lists, you can choose to contact only fellow democrats for volunteering or for renewing their mail-in ballots, something that can boost democrat votes by a whopping 20%. That’s huge when many elections are won by 5% or less.

Maybe you want to start out small, or maybe you want jump in with both feet and be a Precinct Captain for your neighborhood. Whatever the case, find inspiration from our current volunteers. Be recognized. Be the change and feel great about truly making a difference.

“But I work! I want to help but I just don’t have the time right now.” 

Most of us have other jobs and responsibilities, but we make time because we know how important good government is to protect our environment, health care, civil rights, and jobs. But if you can’t volunteer, we understand. In that case, please DONATE. We promise to put every penny to work right here in Osceola County at the grass roots level.

Make a Difference. Get Involved!

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