Clubs and Caucuses

A club or caucus is a great place to work on the issues you care most about, or to serve a specific population. They can be associated with a state organization which you could also join. A caucus has the ability to endorse candidates while a club does not, but the state caucus may impose limits.

You do not need to be a DEC Member to join a club or caucus; you only need to be a registered Democrat. Read below about the several clubs and caucuses and feel free to contact them to join.


Central Florida Democratic Progressive Caucus

A chapter of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, the CFLDPC works to strengthen the relationship between the progressive community and the Democratic party, promoting progressive policies and ideals, and supporting progressive Democratic candidates.

Contact: Melody Bernal

Democratic Women´s Club of Osceola

A chapter of the Democratic Women´s Club of Florida, the DWC is dedicated to supporting, inspiring and encouraging qualified Democratic candidates to run for office, supporting like minded organizations, and advocating for causes within our community.

Contact: Roxanne Harvey

Osceola LGBTA+ Democratic Caucus

A chapter of the LGBTA+ Democratic Caucus, the LGBTA promotes legislation, candidates, and local social causes.

Contact: Richard Oehler

Democrats of Celebration

Democrats of Celebration

The DOC serves the town of Celebration and surrounding areas in county district #1. Whether or not you live in Celebration, all are welcome at our free friendly meetings.

Contact: Dave Finnegan

Democrats of St. Cloud

The DOSC serves the city of St. Cloud and surrounding areas in county district #5. They are organized for the purpose of creating a community of like minded citizens. All are welcome to our friendly meetings.

Contact: Marilyn Walker 

Democratic Veterans Caucus

The DVC serves our veterans with frequent VA town halls.

Contact: R L Johnson

Osceola Young Democrats

Our mission is to increase voter engagement, turnout, and participation in people age 14-40.

Contact: Lee Wright

Democratic Black Caucus

Serving Osceola’s African American community.

Contact: Tamika Lyles
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