Our mailing address is: Osceola DEC, PO Box 422411, Kissimmee, FL  34742

To contact the Osceola Democratic Executive Committee, you can e-mail us at contact@osceolademocrats.com with any inquiry.

If you wish to contact one of our officers, please see below:

Deborah Guerrera Gale


E-mail: chair@osceolademocrats.com

Debbie has been a lifelong Democrat raised at the knee of her FDR Democratic grandparents. Born in upstate New York, Debbie has lived in the Midwest, Northeast, and the South. Debbie holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from Barry University. She spent most of her career at Walt Disney World, first as an electro-mechanical designer for Ride and Show Engineering, and later as a Program Manager in Human Resources. After retiring from Disney, Debbie has turned her attention to promoting the Democratic platform by leading the Democrats of Celebration as the President and also as a founding officer of the Democrats of St. Cloud. Her passion is based on leaving the world a better place for her grandson, Treston.

Casmore Shaw

Vice Chair
State Committeeman

E-mail: vicechair@osceolademocrats.com

Dr. R. Lewayne Johnson

Public Relations
& Veterans

E-mail: veterans@osceolademocrats.com

Melody Bernal

State Committeewoman

E-mail: scw@osceolademocrats.com

Melody has been invested in exercising her civic duty since learned about the history of democracy in her fourth grade social studies class. She eagerly registered to vote when she turned 18 and registered as a Democrat when she learned of our closed primary system the following year. For ten years she wanted to become involved in the democratic process, but did not know where to begin. Until 2016 when she got involved with the campaign of a candidate that represented her like no other ever had before. The campaign showed her the way to the local Democratic party and she has been trying to ensure that no eager Democrat is left on the sidelines waiting ever since.

Jan West

Recording Secretary

E-mail: recsec@osceolademocrats.com


Robert Cherny

Corresponding Secretary

E-mail: corsec@osceolademocrats.com


Terri Isaacs


E-mail: treasurer@osceolademocrats.com


Brent Winters

Marketing and Technology Director

E-mail: tech@osceolademocrats.com


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