Vote by Mail

WHY should I vote by mail?

Reasons to vote by mail (VBM):

  • Convenience
  • Time to research your ballot
  • Time to resolve a mistake with your ballot
  • The sooner you submit your ballot, the sooner the political calls and mailers will stop (VBM, unfortunately, cannot stop TV ads 😉
  • You can verify receipt of your ballot

WHO can VBM?

Any registered Florida voter can request a VBM ballot.


  • Submit a Mail Ballot Request online at the Osceola County Supervisor of Elections office website; fax a Mail Ballot Request form to (407)742-6001 or mail a Mail Ballot Request form to Supervisor of Elections 2509 E. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway Kissimmee, FL 34744; or call the Supervisor of Elections office at (407)742-6000 to request a mail ballot
  • Receive your mail ballot, secrecy sleeve, and paid-postage return envelope approximately 28-35 days before Election Day
  • Research the candidates and ballot measure on your ballot, you may refer to our Candidates, Elected Officially and Resources pages for additional information
  • Complete your ballot by fully bubbling in your votes with black ink, double check that you have completed both sides of the ballot as applicable, and verify that you have bubbled in the candidate that you intended to vote for
  • Place your ballot inside the secrecy sleeve provided
  • Place your ballot and secrecy sleeve into the return envelope provided
  • Sign, seal, and date the envelope in the appropriate area
  • Mail your ballot to the Osceola County

All elections through the next two (2) General Elections for which the voter is eligible to vote. The deadline for requesting that a mail ballot be mailed is 5:00pm on the 6th day prior to Election Day.

For more and current information on VBM, contact the Florida Division of Elections

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